Best Filipino Horror Dramas of 2017

Filipino Horror Dramas

If you are really searching for a good horror genre drama, the Filipino horror dramas will be the best choice. Philippine television industry has produced many horror and thriller genre dramas and almost all of them were rated as 5 stars and with positive reviews. The horror genre dramas of Philippines 2017 were the best ones and they will definitely scare you.

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Let’s have a look at the best Filipino horror dramas of 2017.

The Debutantes (2017)

The Debutantes is a Philippine horror drama released on 2017. This drama is about a school girl named Kate who has no friends and she wants to be friends with the popular girls of school Lara, Jenny and Candice.

Filipino Horror Dramas

Kate tries very hard to get involved in the popular school girls group and while she was trying; she started having weird dreams about those three girls dying before they turn eighteen.

However, Lara, Jenny and Candice are kind of mean girls who doesn’t listen to anybody and doesn’t even want Kate in their group. Kate tried to warn those girls several times to save them, but every time they ignored her.
Find out in The Debutantes if Kate gets successful in saving three lives, or if the popular girls actually dies before they turn eighteen.

Filipino Horror Dramas

Cast of the Drama

  1. Sue Ramirez as Kate
  2. Michelle Vito as Candice
  3. Jane De Leon as Jenny
  4. Miles Ocampo as Lara

Bliss (2017)

Bliss is another horror genre drama by Philippine Entertainment Industry. It is a 2017 released drama with a good rating. Bliss is written and directed by Jerrold Tarog. In this Philippine horror/ thriller drama you will watch a story about an actress, Jane Ciego. Jane is producing her own drama to make her name and gain more respect from the television industry. During the drama shoots, Jane gets into a terrible accident that leaves her disabled. To avoid the press, pictures and the interviews she locks herself in her own home. Where her husband Carlo and a nurse named Lilibeth takes care of her.

After some time of being at home, Jane started to feel weird and unusual things going on in her house.

Drama Cast

  • Iza Calzado as Jane Ciego
  • Ian Veneracion as Joshua
  • TJ Trinidad as Carlo
  • Adrienne Vergana as Lilibeth

These two dramas, The Debutantes and Bliss are the best rated Filipino dramas of 2017. You can easily watch both of these horror genre dramas by logging in into the Pinot TV for an amazing experience.